Visual Studio Code - tips and tricks for developers

A few short but useful tips on how and what to set, written not only for me, but also for those, who want to save time.

How to set Visual Studia to work all for LATTE files

Support LATTE in EMMET

EMMET supports quite many programming languages, but there are equivalent file extensions to HTML, PHP and or JS as HTML LATTE templates in Nette Framework. To EMMET work with LATTE extension, you just need to associate this extension with the language that already EMMET supports. In settings.json, we set that EMMET will behave as well as HTML files.

"emmet.include English
"latte": "html"

Supports LATTE in Auto Close Tag Extensions

"auto-close-tag.activationOnLanguage": [

Support LATTE in Beautify Extension

"beautify.language": {
"css": ["css":,
"html": ["PACKOUThtm"