Software library - updated list of great tools

Library of great software, which i have personally tried and actively use.

Windows maintenance tools

Bulk Crap Uninstaller - Fantastic tool for bulk app uninstallation. It is open source and doesn't have to be installed.

EMCO Ping Monitor - Great tool for monitoring internet connection latency. Free version allows to monitor up 5 machines , which is ideal for monitoring your router, DNS gateway and the availability of public addresses. Thus it collects information about internet outages in clear graphs.

BleachBit - Open source tool for cleaning Windows of redundant files

Everything< /a> - Flash scan find any file on all computer disks. Any search tool can't match this.

Nástroje pro webdesign

Saola Animate - brilliant tool for animating HTML5 elements

Glyphter - tool for creating custom icon fonts

AutoPrefixer - prefixer pro cross browser CSS

Piskel - online sprite editor

Gravit - online editor for fast retyping

Adobe XD - prototyping tool from Adobe

Re:view - brilliant extension for Chrome for testing responsiveness

Free Online OCR - when you need to convert a bit image with text to text - great, fast and easy tool for developing database diagrams


Learn CSS grid - CSS grid clearly a visually

ScrollOut - detection of visible elements while scrolling

Splitting - library for separating words or letters


ShareX - great screen capture tool

Buffer - social media manager


WebPageTest - web speed test / request loading optimization

GiftOfSpeed - web analysis and optimization recommendations


Mockoon - free and open-source fake API simulator